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You Can Make More…

I found this quote on LinkedIn:

"No matter how much money or love you’ve made or lost, you can still make more." -The Universe

After sharing it with a few friends, I got an insightful response from Anne Michelsen and felt it merited a guest post.

The universe is based on a model of expansion. All we need to do is align ourselves with that model. 

Are love and money all that different? Love is of course the primary energy of the universe. I’m developing an understanding of money in its most basic form as simply a measurable expression of energy. 

Removing the blocks to abundant love involves deep forgiveness - of self, others, the Universe - and accepting oneself as forgiven, to allow the love energy to flow. 

Removing the blocks to wealth? I’m still working on that. But I think it is intimately linked to forgiveness as well. Forgiveness is ultimately a letting go. In the case of wealth we need to let go of limiting beliefs regarding self, others, and the nature of wealth and abundance. 

I think for some people it’s easier to address the wealth end of things. For others the love issue is more pressing and some of those people may struggle with wealth because it’s not addressing their real concern. But again I think the two are related. 

Either way, yes, I believe we can tap into abundance, regardless of our past history. 

Anne Michelsen is the principal of Green Ink Consulting in Wausau, WI. Anne helps small businesses achieve measurable, long-term success through a holistic approach to marketing. Find out more at www.GreenInkConsulting.com.

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